Solution2 - Assignment-2 Solution: Solution Procedure (for...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment-2 Solution: Solution Procedure (for each question): 1.Initially, using at least one attenuation relationship, calculate expected peak horizontal acceleration (i.e. can be referred to as PGA, MHA, or EPA, on this solution PGA is chosen) for each site, since no actual value is provided for the sites. Aim is to provide PGA(rock) values to structural engineer so that he can use normalized spectrum by scaling it with the estimated PGA(rock). This is required also for site classification in Seed et al. (1997) site classification system. Decide on equivalent site-class for each methodology, depending on rock definition & database used in corresponding article, so that you can calculate corresponding amplification ratios. 2.By giving reasons, determine site-class for each site, and for each methodology. Note that ground failures like liquefaction are not considered in this homework (for a complete design, you should!), and that estimated PGA values can be important in deciding site- class, especially for Seed et al. (1997) methodology. 3.For each side, utilize Seed and Idriss (1982) methodology. Calculate amplification ratio (PGA(soil)/PGA(rock)) using provided charts, considering site-class you have decided and equivalent site-class for the attenuation relationship you have used in task-1. Multiply ordinates (i.e., y-axis, normalized spectral values) of normalized spectrum of ordinates (i....
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Solution2 - Assignment-2 Solution: Solution Procedure (for...

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