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Study Guide Questions – To Taste One Hundred Herbs. This is a video about a doctor in rural China in the mid 1980s. He is a Christian from a long line of Christian converts. He also is the son of a doctor who practiced “traditional” medicine before the Communist Revolution of 1949. The film clearly shows how medicine must be understood in context, and how historical change influences the way in which medicine is understood and practiced. 1. What connection does Dr. Shen see between his Christian faith and the ideals and values of communism? What are these values? How does he put these ideals and values into practice?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What effect did the revolution of 1949 have on medicine and medical practice? 3. What is Dr. Shen’s opinion of folk healers, and why do you think he holds these views? Although he is a “traditional” healer, why is he not a folk healer? 4. What opinions are expressed in the film about Western medicine? How is “traditional” medicine understood to be different from Western medicine? 5. In several scenes Dr. Shen is treating a patient who thinks that a cockroach has taken on human characteristics. How does the he treat the patient? Do his treatment methods reflect a holistic, mindbody synthesis?...
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