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Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Course # 0780 Dr. Joseph S. Alter, Office Hours M. W. 2 - 3 3C16 WWPH Play, Sport, Body: Indian Wrestling as an Organic World View. I. Play, Sport and World View. A. Deep Play - Clifford Geertz 1. A story people tell themselves about themselves -- metacommentary. 2. Questions of morality, status and honour get played out in the game. B. Sport 1. Institutionalized fun and games 2. The function of sport. a. the construction of identity. b. focussed mass emotions. c. anti-structure and communitas d. nationalism. 3. Contrasting cases a. Soccer in Brazil -- soccer builds on a pre-existing state nationalism. b. Wrestling in India -- explicitly criticize state nationalism. Wrestlers try to redefine the nation by building up their bodies and character. D. World View. 1. Sports as key symbols of identity. 2. Sports as elaborating symbols . 3. Indian Wrestling as an Organic World View -- body as a metaphor for society. II. Indian Wrestling A. Reflexive critique of the dominant social order.
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Unformatted text preview: 1) against hierarchical caste purity. 2) against ethnic/religious exclusiveness. 3) against modern consumerism. 4) against immorality, corruption and laziness B. Contemporary social organization. 1) gymnasiums 2) guru/disciple relationship C. Who wrestles – Exclusively male D. Why wrestle? 1) improve health and develop character 2) build up the strength of the nation. E. Building the Body and Reforming the Nation 1) the gymnasium as the nation in microcosm. 2) exercise and the embodiment of national character. a) brahmacharya – celibacy and self control b) vyayam-- exercise. c) jor-- wrestling practice. d) khurak-- diet and food. G. Embodying character -- wrestling as a way of life. Competition – Status, Honor and “earning your name” a. Dangal tournaments. b. Rituals of honour and status. c. The body on stage – performing character....
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