Assignment1PhantomLimb - Assignment 1(Phantom Limbs-worth 1...

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Due September 25 before class (see details below) For this assignment, you will read “Missing Limbs, Still Atingle, Offer New Clues to Changes in the Brain”. This article is available on the e-reserves section (course reserves) of PITT Cat. Step 1: Get the article: Go to PittCAT ( ) NOTE: if you are logging in from off campus, go to to be authenticated as a Pitt user then go to the library to link in to PittCAT. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS YOU WON'T SEE THE CORRECT INFORMATION and you will not get an error message. Click on course reserves Select my name (TOKOWICZ, NATASHA) as instructor, and click “search” Click on "*E-reserves for Introduction to Psychology*" Click on the text that says "E-reserves link". Enter the course password: pavlov08 and click on the box that says that you agree to the terms. Look for the text that says “Blakeslee, Sandra "Missing Limbs, Still Atingle, Are Clues to Changes In the Brain.", New York Times (November 10., 1992), C1 and C12.” and click on the WWW icon to the left of it to view it download it. Step 2: Read the article. Step 3: Respond to these questions: Please enter your answers on this document , and be sure to fill in your name (instructions continue below the questions). You must respond to all parts of all questions to get full credit. SAVE A COPY OF THIS FILE FOR YOUR RECORDS. IF YOUR ASSIGNMENT GETS
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Assignment1PhantomLimb - Assignment 1(Phantom Limbs-worth 1...

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