ThreatenedMorality assignment 9

ThreatenedMorality assignment 9 - Assignment 9 (Threatened...

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Assignment 9 (Threatened Morality)—worth 2 points Due November 29 before Dr. T. begins lecturing (see details at bottom of assignment) Washing Away your Sins: Threatened Morality and Physical Cleansing You are encouraged to discuss the assignment with classmates, but you must do your own work on the written portion of this assignment to get credit. Copying the work of others constitutes cheating and will result in a zero score, and being turned in to the dean for a violation of academic integrity. See handout on cheating for more information. Step 1 Get the article **To access the article: Go to www. Click on the libraries link Click on University Library System Click on the Student Express tab Click on the ejournal link listed under the heading ‘Library materials’ Type in the name Science Scroll down to the title name Science (New York, N.Y.) Click on the heading entitled: from 07/03/1880 to present in Highwire Press Select the link Previous Issues Scroll down and select the year 2006 under the heading Browse by Year Click the link for volume 313 Scroll down until you find the issue from September 8, 2006 and select
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ThreatenedMorality assignment 9 - Assignment 9 (Threatened...

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