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Matt Pioli 2/14/08 ATRN 120 Wayne Rodrigues Hour #3 Assessment Techniques Compare and contrast the assessment methods used by athletic trainers and first responders. The methods used between athletic trainers and first responders are really no different. They both are able to administer epinephrine pens and inhalers. They are also fully trained in CPR/AED and are recertified every year. But athletic trainers do a little bit more in the treatment area. Considering an athletic trainers job is to prevent injury and a first responder’s job is just like its name, be the first to respond to an emergency scene. Athletic trainers usually deal with the physically active more than with others, while first responders usually don’t deal
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Unformatted text preview: with the physically active and deal more with the other people with emergencies. How and when would you integrate the methods of a first responder in as an athletic trainer? There are many ways one can integrate some first responder methods into athletic training. One way is when an athlete is participating in extreme heat and is dehydrated and passes out. They might need to be resuscitated so the athletic trainer must perform CPR or rescue breaths. If that is not working and an AED is near by they are trained to administer the AED shock onto the athlete to try to bring them back to life....
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