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hour4-asthma - they have any medication If they do have...

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Matt Pioli 2/21/08 Wayne Rodrigues ATRN 120 Hour #4 Asthma Describe your assessment and management of an athlete who is having an asthma attack. Managing an athlete who is in respiratory distress due to an asthma attack isn’t an uncommon task to do perform. When approaching an athlete you think is having an asthma attack you should assess their signs and symptoms first. Approach the athlete and perform the initial assessment. You must first assess the athlete before managing their situation. Signs and symptoms, some symptoms would be a sense of doom, wheezing, shortness of breathe, increased heart rate, athlete may be traumatized and be panicking. After assessing the signs and symptoms ask them if they on any medication for their asthma or if
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Unformatted text preview: they have any medication. If they do have medication, check if it is for an emergency or if it is for maintenance/prevention medication. Once you have determined the medication to be for an emergency ask them if they need to be assisted in using the inhaler. Identify the common medications used for both emergency and maintenance. There are many medications for asthma for emergency use and maintenance. Some emergency medications can be Albuterol, which is a generic name for the medications; there are many different brads for Albuterol. For example, Accuneb®, Proventil, HFA®, Ventolin are some brands that make albuterol. A maintenance medication would be Flowvent, Singulair, Advere....
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hour4-asthma - they have any medication If they do have...

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