hour7-spinal immbolization

hour7-spinal immbolization - what to do and will lead the...

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Matt Pioli 3/27/08 ATRN 120 Wayne Rodrigues Hour #7 Spinal Immobilization Identify the types and location of all spinal immobilization equipment in the athletic training room. Spinal immobilization equipment is important to have in the AT room because they are one of the most important injuries athletes endure. Some of the spinal immobilization equipment includes, cervical neck collar, the backboard, the straps to the backboard, and the head stabilizer that is attached to the backboard (on some of them). The backboard and some other spinal immobilization equipment are located in the back of the AT room where the coats are hung. Describe the athletic training policies and procedures in performing spinal immobilization. When an athletic trainer suspects a spinal injury that athletic trainer will immediately assess c-spine by holding the neck in the appropriate position. As that athletic trainer is holding c-spine he/she will tell the other athletic trainers
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Unformatted text preview: what to do and will lead the group. So as the athletic trainer is holding c-spine the others with get the backboard and cervical collar. The first thing they do is measure from the bottom of the chin/jaw to the collarbone to see what size they should put the cervical collar. Next, they will put the collar on the injured athlete. After the collar is on they will put the athlete on the backboard. The athletic trainer hold c-spine will always hold the head in the appropriate position, so when they turn the athlete on their side that athletic trainer will keep the head and neck in line and they will slide the backboard into position. While the athletic trainer is continuing to hold c-spine =, the other will strap the athlete in and tie the hands with the excess strap. After that is all done the AT with continue holding c-spine until told not too anymore....
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hour7-spinal immbolization - what to do and will lead the...

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