hour1 biohazard

hour1 biohazard - gown and goggles The most commonly used...

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Matt Pioli 1/30/08 Wayne Rodriguez The equipment used to clean and prevent exposure to biohazards varies, since there are such a wide variety of products. Cleaning up biohazard wastes is very important for an athletic trainer to do. For example, to clean the training tables in the AT room we use kavacide which a product that kills germs and biohazard materials like blood and other bodily fluids in a small amount of time. We need the solution to clean up the area in a short time because we as athletic trainers need to take care of many athletes, and if we have to wait a long period of time to wait for the antibacterial/cleaning solution to clean the area we will not have enough time to treat a lot of athletes. Other products used in prevention to biohazard wastes are protective gear or equipment like latex gloves, a protective
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Unformatted text preview: gown, and goggles. The most commonly used equipment are the rubber/latex gloves but if a patient is spurting blood a gown may be used to ensure blood does not get onto clothes. Also when cleaning up wastes us the kavacide or a solution like it and wipe it up with a towel. Using a towel is better than using a dressing because the dressing can soak the blood threw it onto your hands. After any equipment is used to clean up waste it should be placed in the properly labeled biohazard waste container. OSHA requires the athletic training program to educate its students about blood-born pathogens and how to handle them with care. They require the students to learn how to use the protective gear, like gloves, properly. For example, taking the gloves off so any blood-born pathogens cannot get on the athletic trainer....
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hour1 biohazard - gown and goggles The most commonly used...

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