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Matt Pioli 4/24/08 ATRN 120 Wayne Rodrigues Scenarios Volleyball Sprains MCL: Anger Disbelief Guilt if they lost the match Anxiousness Anxiety Stress Season Ending injury, football: Anxiety Stress Anger Sadness Reluctant to want to ever return Pain in the injured area Anxious to return Laziness Boredom Mental Training Techniques: Vision playing her position Throwing Running Stretching Being with the team The AT can do some drills that helps the athlete cope by making the
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Unformatted text preview: rehabilitation process in game situations Season Ending Injury, Female Gymnast: The athletic trainer should have a talk with her about eating disorders and how they are a bad way to maintain and/or lose weight. Also show her some techniques on how to maintain her weight during rehabilitation. The AT can also refer her to a counselor to talk to her about the situation....
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