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DHE reading notes - Dress a wide array of other supplements...

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Dress – a wide array of other supplements ansd attachents to the body such as makeup, piercings, masks, shoes, headdresses, wigs, hairplugs or applying heat, chemicals, light to change color texture and odor…perfumes, deoderants, tanning, facial peels, straightening or curling, tattoos, branding, cutting hair, shaving, removing a mole, lipo, nosejob…dress is intentional, but in accidental circumstances…dress protects the body from the physical, psychological, and social environments Culture – a system that is learned and reflected in behavioral patterns characteristic of the members of a society…”what people know, feel, think, make, and do” Menitfacts – what people know and think are the menifacts of a culture which include ideas, ideals, values, knowledge, and ways of knowing Stereotype – a network of meanings assigned on the basis of appearance...appearance stereotypes are mentifacts shared by members of a cultural group Hegemony – a more powerful group that dominates
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