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midterm review - Geography of the Non-Western World...

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Geography of the Non-Western World (Geosciences 105) Oregon State University L.C. Becker Winter 2008 Mid-Term #1 Examination Review In the first three weeks of the course, we have investigated the regional geography of South Asia and Central Asia. The examination on this section will cover the lectures, readings in Rowntree, Lewis, Price and Wyckoff’s Diversity Amid Globalization (chapters 10 and 12), and the video on India. Please be sure that you understand all of the terms and concepts on the lecture outlines, the questions accompanying the video, the recitation material (including “tropicality” and the monsoon/ITCZ), and the highlighted terms in the book (in bold print). In addition, the following questions and concepts organized by theme should help you to prepare for the exam. The exam will consist of two parts: 1) There will be one collaborative learning question worth 40 points (You may talk softly with other students; you may not use notes, the textbook, or a computer/cell phone). The question will be selected from one of the five questions listed at the end of this review sheet. You will be expected to use relevant information in response to the question that is provided in the textbook (if discussed) and in the lecture (if discussed). On the exam, you will be asked to answer one of these five questions. 2) The remaining 60 points will be from 30 multiple-choice questions (each worth 2 points). What five themes are central to regional geography and the organization of Diversity Amid Globalization ? Environmental Geography What is the origin of the Himalaya ? What is the basic cause of the large earthquake affecting Kashmir in October 2005? Where are the tropical humid (A), dry (B), and mild mid-latitude climates (C) found in the regions under study (South Asia and Central Asia)? What is the
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midterm review - Geography of the Non-Western World...

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