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Study Guide final exam - Study Guide for HDFS 201 Final...

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Study Guide for HDFS 201, Final Exam, Winter, 2008 (Number in parentheses indicates the number of questions that will cover that topic) Questions from Text Reading Chapter 8 Breaking the Work/Family Boundary What wives do as unpaid work and is not counted in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Shift work and Childcare Dual-earner couples with preschool-aged children can manage childcare by working different shifts. One-third or all, dual-earner couples with pre-school-aged children had at least one spouse working an evening, night, or rotating shift. In a national sample of recently married couples with children who were followed for five years, divorce was six times more likely among husbands who worked a night schedule rather than a day schedule. Chapter 9 Adoption 2.5 percent of all children under the age of 18 in the US were adopted. Families in Other Cultures: U. S. Children in International Perspective Chapter 11 Which Partnerships are at Risk? - Social Class and Race Child Abuse – Poverty or Abuse? Elder Abuse Chapter 12 The Era of Restricted Divorce The Coparental Divorce Families and Public Policy: Enforcing Child Support Obligations Divorce and Children – Parental Conflict Chapter 13 The Transitional Period – Adjustment of the Stepchildren
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Study Guide final exam - Study Guide for HDFS 201 Final...

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