Week 5 Additional Lecture Notes

Week 5 Additional Lecture Notes - Additional Lecture Notes...

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Additional Lecture Notes Dr. McMurray Morocco: Islam spread into Morocco as a side effect of migration and of Arab merchants trading over long distances. Trade also came up from sub-Saharan Africa through Morocco to Europe. 710: Islamic Arabs move into Morocco and thence into Spain Islam came into Spain mainly through merchants along trade routes, as through the connections between Morocco and the Sub-Saharan kingdoms in Africa. 11-12 th centuries: Berbers spread up through Morocco from the south. 1500: West African trade goes north through Morocco to Europe (gold, ivory)—brought prosperity to Morocco Later in the 1500s: Ottoman Empire, centered in Persia, spread to the eastern borders of Morocco, cutting off trade by land and sea. 1930: Morocco is a protectorate in the huge French Empire; the leader, the Sultan, becomes a puppet of the French. France colonized Morocco because there was a race among all the imperial powers to divide up the globe; Brits and French were competing. The French did not come to Morocco for gold or silver; although there was good farmland, it was mainly a market for French products (drugs, cars, tractors, faucets). French colonial legacy continues in Morocco: language, land disparity, loss of land, urbanization, high level of imports and out-migration to Europe. Out-migration from Morocco to Europe was encouraged by the French in the 50s and 60s. Morocco is part of the “
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Week 5 Additional Lecture Notes - Additional Lecture Notes...

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