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TDK Corporation TDK Corporation I known for selling electric materials and components and also for recording media and systems. They market their products mainly through sales representatives and through subsidiary companies in many countries such as Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia. TDK Corporations is not incorporated in the United States but rather in Tokyo, Japan. It does a great job competing with its competitors and it is not a new company. It has a past, a history, but one that was well established. Look at TDK Corporations for what it is, an incredible company that knows how to produce great products, market correctly to their customers, and always keeping up with the new technology. History TDK Corporations started off as Tokyo Denki Kagaku Kogyo K.K. and was established in 1935 Tamura-cho, Shiba-ku, Tokyo City. It was established to commercialize the magnetic material “ferrite” but has developed to sell so much more. Through out the years TDK Corporations has gone through many changes and has had many accomplishments. In 1953, it introduced the “Synchro Tape” which is a magnetic recoding tape. One of their largest accomplishments was in 1959, when they opened up their first overseas office in Los Angeles and in the same year, TDK shares listed on the Tokyo over-the-counter market but then in 1961 TDK shares were listen on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. TDK introduced the VHS format called the “Super Avilyn Video Cassettes” in 1978 and changed their headquarters location to where they are currently located, in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. TDK had a break through in a market in the United
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TDK Corporation Paper - TDK Corporation TDK Corporation I...

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