28-Digital Convergence-S08

28-Digital Convergence-S08 - Lecture 28: Digital...

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5/06/08 I. Defining Convergence convergence = joining together or blurring of boundaries between previously tech convergence = personalized content thru a single machine hardware con verges, software di verges content convergence = similar content avail thru a variety of devices hardware di verges, software con verges II. Content Convergence = interactive television interactive television (iTV) = any service which allows the viewer to interact with programming *** operates via universal “black box” *** Kelly : three categories of iTV viewing management PC/TV hybrids interactivity III. Defining iTV iTV = viewers customize viewing strategies & content people have access to a variety of services (video-on-demand, web access, episode guides, reminders, etc.) two-way communication = iTV can respond to the users addressability = iTV can make suggestions based on user profiles that have been compiled on your interests, purchases, etc. 1
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28-Digital Convergence-S08 - Lecture 28: Digital...

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