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Guest Speaker Assingment F&E

Guest Speaker Assingment F&E - Alexandra Vestal...

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Alexandra Vestal Facility and Event Management 10/10/16 Guest Speaker Assignment 1.) Which of Mr. Garnett’s points stand out to you the most? Explain why. - Something that stood out to me is that there is a lot more than you think being an equipment manager. You have to come up with different logo’s and placements for t-shirts. Also, being an equipment manager is a lot of the behind the scenes, he has to be ready to think quickly in case something goes wrong, for example when one of the coaches belt broke he had to find a way to fix it. It also stood out to me that you will also have to work long hours if you pursue a career in sports. 2.) What did you learn from Mr. Garnett that you can relate back to this class or apply to the pursuit of your degree? Explain One thing that I can relate to this career is that it kind of sounds like he does more of the back of the house work. He is the person that gets everything ready for the games,
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