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Final Exam Review Commuication Arts 350 The exam will take place on the last day of lecture: Wednesday, May 7, 1:20 pm, 4070 Vilas Please bring a pencil to the exam. The exam will contain 50 multiple choice questions. To prepare for the exam, you should review your notes on the lectures and clips, film screenings, sections, and reading. Avant-Garde Be able to describe, in very basic terms, the style and form of each of the following films. You should be able, for example, to identify the visual motifs of the films and how (and whether) it uses “found” footage. Ballet Mécanique (Fernand Léger and Dudley Murphy, 1924, 10 min.) A Movie (Bruce Conner, 1958, 12 min.) – found footage, associational form Passage à l’acte (Martin Arnold, 1992, 12 min.) – found footage (recut of To Kill a Mockingbird) Removed (Naomi Uman, 1999, 8 min.) - found footage avant-garde film: what is it? Be able to characterize avant-garde film’s mode of practice (i.e. production, distribution, exhibition, and reception) – different expectations of the viewer The differences between Hollywood and Avant-garde "modes" importance of art historical context for avant-garde film (Cubism, Surrealism, etc.) abstract form associational form found footage Documentary What are the different types? (poetic, participatory, etc.) The River (Pare Lorentz, 1937) – rhetorical/expository High School (Frederick Wiseman,1968) - observational Stairway to Heaven (Errol Morris, First Person Bravo TV Series, 1998)
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Be able to characterize each film’s general use of style and structure. What is the basic distinction between documentary and fiction film?
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final_exam_review - Final Exam Review Commuication Arts 350...

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