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Matthew Smith Speech (COM 103) April 7 th , 2008 Strategic Planning Outline For a Persuasive Speech Topic: Art Therapy: Who and How It Can Help Evaluating Constraints: To keep my audiences attention I will relate to them several stories and experiences with those involved in and clients of art therapy. I will establish my positive ethos by giving them credible examples, being informed, and showing them that if they, or someone they know or love has mental or psychological issues that art therapy can help them. Evaluating Opportunities: I think that through my exhaustive research I will provide them with sufficient information on the subject. Some classmates or someone they know may have been involved with some other form of therapy with bad or mixed results, and if they have, I want to show them that there is an option that they might not have considered or even heard of. Some ideas from the text I want to use are: 1) using a very emotional story to start out with and get their attention on the subject, 2) use precise but clear language so as to explain the medical side, but not confuse them, and 3) use pictures and interesting text on Keynote or PowerPoint to keep their attention. Means: To the listeners who do not understand or are unaware of art therapy, I will briefly give a history of the therapy and emphasize the importance of therapy over medication with those who have problems which art therapy can help. I want to use the ‘problem-solution’ organizational pattern because I
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Speech Proposal.doc.pages - Matthew Smith Speech(COM 103...

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