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Creating an Argument Matthew Smith Communications March 19, 2008 Claim: Art Therapy does not produce legitimate results. Factual Claim. Support 1 : Group art therapy is more effective (around 75%) than individual art therapy and the other forms of expressive therapy (dance. Music). Statistic: ARTS THERAPIES AND PSYCHOTHERAPY TRAINING: AN INTERNATIONAL SURVEY. 1995 Reasoning by sign: Group art therapy and individual art therapy is more accepted and more productive than the other forms of expressive therapy by 75%. Support 2: Pregnant women are able to more efficiently deal with psychological issues commonly associated with pregnancy and post-natal depression. Expert Testimony: Dr. Susan Hogan "Narratives of Pregnancy And Childbirth
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Unformatted text preview: Explored Through Art Therapy. 1999 Reasoning by Narrative: Pregnancy often emanates a lack of space and self and these themes of loss translate themselves into these images. The pictorial space provided an opportunity to rediscover themselves and more effectively cope with the irrevocable reality of motherhood. Support 3 . Mental disorders such as schizophrenia can be helped with the use of art therapy. Personal Testimony: Story,, Nov. 17 th , 2004 Reasoning through Example: Ms. Jedrzejewski, says that all through her childhood, art therapy helped her deal with things I didnt want to talk about and draw out a creative side of me that made everything clearer....
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