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Supporting a Claim

Supporting a Claim - Explored Through Art Therapy 1999...

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Supporting a Claim Matthew Smith Communications March 19, 2008 Claim: Art Therapy does not produce legitimate results. Factual Claim. Support 1 : Group art therapy is more effective (around 75%) than individual art therapy and the other forms of expressive therapy (dance. Music). Statistic: ARTS THERAPIES AND PSYCHOTHERAPY TRAINING: AN INTERNATIONAL SURVEY. 1995 Reasoning by sign: Group art therapy and individual art therapy is more accepted and more productive than the other forms of expressive therapy by 75%. Support 2: Pregnant women are able to more efficiently deal with psychological issues commonly associated with pregnancy and post-natal depression. Expert Testimony: Dr. Susan Hogan "Narratives of Pregnancy And Childbirth
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Unformatted text preview: Explored Through Art Therapy. 1999 Reasoning by Narrative: Pregnancy often emanates a lack of ‘space’ and ‘self ‘ and these themes of loss translate themselves into these images. The pictorial space provided an opportunity to rediscover themselves and more effectively cope with the irrevocable reality of motherhood. Support 3 . Mental disorders such as schizophrenia can be helped with the use of art therapy. Personal Testimony: Story, schizophrenia.com, Nov. 17 th , 2004 Reasoning through Example: Ms. Jedrzejewski, says that all through her childhood, art therapy helped her “deal with things I didn’t want to talk about and draw out a creative side of me that made everything clearer....
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