Week 04 Notes

Week 04 Notes - • “Winners get the bragging rights”...

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Lecture Notes 31/12/1969 19:01:00 Screening: The Godfather Lone Star     Conversation about history At the end of the film, Chris Cooper’s character says, “forget about history,  forget about Alamo”, which is ironic because the film spends the whole time  illustrating the audience how important history is. California’s population is speculated, will be mostly made up of Hispanics in the  near future. America likes to praise itself as a nation of immigrant, but there has always  been a different reaction from immigrants that come form Europe than those coming  from Asia or South America. Xenophobia: fear of foreign people and their customs/culture. Lone Star scene analysis The white woman says that they’re tearing everything down, otherwise  insinuating that the Hispanic culture is destroying her American culture.
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Unformatted text preview: • “Winners get the bragging rights” – those considered victorious. Those in power write a version of history that underscored their own existence and serves their own purpose. • History and propaganda o History is supposed to imply something objective, while propaganda is supposed to imply something subjective. • Class textbook vs. teaching method o Another version of history is being presented to counter this other norm version of history. When there is a challenge or threat to the norm or standard, those in power discredit the challenge as well as the source (this is where propaganda comes in – it is not truthful) ← Discussion Notes 31/12/1969 19:01:00 ← Reading response due next week in section 31/12/1969 19:01:00 ←...
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Week 04 Notes - • “Winners get the bragging rights”...

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