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M3305 Study Guide for Exam 3 – Chapters 13-18 The exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions. The exam will be closed notes/closed book and you will need to bring a pencil. The exam deals with important definitions and concepts. The level of difficulty will require you to understand and remember important definitions/concepts as well as distinguish them from each other. We will use the text as our guide post. So, discussions from videos, discussion on the group project, or supplementary material are really there to help us accomplish our learning objectives: Develop a working vocabulary of the “language of marketing” (that is, terms, concepts, and frameworks) used by practicing marketing managers. Understand the major decision areas under marketing responsibility and the basic interrelationships of those decision areas. Know how to apply key frameworks and tools for analyzing customers, competition, and marketing strengths and weaknesses. Develop insight about creative selection of target markets and decisions related to product, price, promotion, and place (i.e., the marketing mix) to meet the needs of a target market. If I list a term below – like “advertising” you should find these in the text. Then, understand what I want
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Study_Guide_Exam_3_SP2008 - M3305 Study Guide for Exam 3...

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