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operation final paper - Corine Mentor Dec. 12th 2007...

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Corine Mentor Dec. 12 th 2007 California Auto Club Reengineers Customer Service 1. One main reason why fortune 500 companies go through changes is too update their legacy and systems to optimize customer service and drive their revenue growth. CSAA is America’s largest diversified publicly traded corporations, who’s 5,700 employees operate in a network of 72 districts tour books emergencies road service’s to airline ticketing, auto and homeowner insurance, and traveler checks. Their customer service process is in efforts to make changes within their company to provide good customer service. They by on by doing so by utilizing new technologies that provide consultants with the information they’ll need to quickly respond to member’s problems or issues. For example CSAA plans to introduce a new system for serving customer’s called “member service consultant” which in their case will be the main component to handling 80% of members needs anywhere from renting cars to making insurance claims. This new system will not only allow rapid response but will also allow cross selling new products such as new policies and benefits to better serve customers. CSAA also plans to have meeting in order to focus on the planning, analysis, and designing phases. The planning phases will provide a complete set of recommendations for implementing demands that will better customer satisfaction in turn to achieve revenue growth, the analysis phases would assess the existing demand and their interrelationship with CSAA’s network to identify potential process service growth. 2. In efforts to implement change the CSAA sent out comprehensive surveys out to customers in order to receive feedback, which would the company an idea of what customers are looking for when they do business with them and how they can improve. Tools from the operations consulting tool kit that were applied to CSAA were
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operation final paper - Corine Mentor Dec. 12th 2007...

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