8 - Topic It is important for higher education to challenge...

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Topic: It is important for higher education to challenge established traditions and values. SAMPLE-1 (SCORE 1) Yes, I agree with thw aseveration in general terms becuse some times certain traditions and even values are based in the ignorance and that kind of values, in my opinion should changed. However, there are also important historical traditions that in my opinion should be conserved because they are part of the identity of the nations. The develop of the science ha changed traditions and values throughtout the whole history of the humanity. The example of Galileo in the middle age strugling against the old traditions and believes about the movement of the sun around the earth shown us that certain believes and values are not correct, for that reason I think it is important for higher education to challenge every day the established traditions and values. SAMPLE-2 (SCORE 2) Many believe that education is vocational in nature. Numbers should be learned to balance a check book. Reading should be taught to find a job. These skills are neccesary but education should not stop there. Descartes' famous 'I think, therefore I am,' is evidence to the fact that life is a learning process. Those who seek higher education choose to better themselves beyond checkbooks and jobs. They choose to educate the greatest gift of all, the human spirit. It is this gift that must be educated and there is no better way to do this than challenge. Challenging beliefs, traditions, and values to some seems unappropriate or cruel, but in the long run the desired outcome is a more fortified set of beliefs that may be discussed (or argued) at many levels . This challenge to authority is protected in a free society and should be embraced by higher education. SAMPLE-3 (SCORE 3) Through out time higher education establishments have maintained a plethora of traditions and values that have been honored for years. Today there may not even be any understanding of how these traditions took place, however many insist on upholding their validity. Although there are some traditions that will always be maintain in good graces, such as the honor code, there are far more that should be challenged. When many higher education institution came about, they were designed only to educate the male, upper class. Today, to be successful in the professional world, many socioeconomic groups aspire to continue their education past highschool. Do to this change in attendance, there must be change in traditions and values. The first change should start from the very beginning, the admissions policies. Many young adults who come from highly education families rely on their admissions to college solely on legacy. The process of accepting new students based only on who went there before should be completely illiminated. Also within admissions, the board deciding should try to make the student body as diverse as possible. In bringing in a many
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8 - Topic It is important for higher education to challenge...

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