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NR 505 Week 2 The practice related issue for my evidence-based practice-related concern relates to patient satisfaction. The impact patient satisfaction has on the nursing profession and healthcare delivery affects how hospital administrators are concerned with the way patient care is delivered and patient satisfaction. Health administrators and nurse managers impact patient satisfaction in the way they handle inpatient issues (Cody & Williams-Reed, 2018, p.19). Patient satisfaction directly impacts the delivery of quality of care. Healthcare systems utilize Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) to measure patient satisfaction and quality of care, which correlates with healthcare safety outcomes. HCAHPS can help to improve clinical outcomes and reduce risk and/or harm to patients. However, I would like to focus on nursing leadership rounding on inpatients as a nursing intervention, which I believe, will be just as effective to improve patient satisfaction through the healthcare delivery system. Nursing leadership rounding in healthcare gives a structural advantage because it allows a face-to-face
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