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Issue 150 - home 2 however these vision enjoyments can not...

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Issue 150: Because of television and worldwide computer connections, people can now become familiar with a great many places that they have never visited. As a result, tourism will soon become obsolete. s 1,s TV and the internet enable people to acquire all the information of any place of the world, at the same time, give you a visual impact by various beautiful pictures and video recording. Consequently, there is no doubt that television and the Internet have provided people with unprecedented opportunity to learn about every corner of the earth without stepping out
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Unformatted text preview: home. 2, however, these vision enjoyments can not take place of personal experience to these landscapes. In stead, it can stimulate people’s interests to visit these landscape or famous historic relics , holiday resorts. 3, as the matter of fact, tourism has already become a hot increasing point of economy in many beautiful countries and area such as China, Malaysia, Europe, South Africa. Make great contribution to the local development,...
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