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As the result of this they would probably be faced

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Unformatted text preview: fortable with books than with people. As the result of this, they would probably be faced with more troubles in intercommunicating and cooperating with others in the future. In addition, keen competitions would enable students more realistic, short-view, selfish, or even dishonest. Cheating in exams in order to gain high marks became very often on campus, which would do great harm to disposition cultivating. To the worst, some young people cannot stand the pressure, they may draw their dissatisfaction in other extreme ways--take drugs, fight with others, or even commit suicide. Thus I agree with the suggestion concerning education ways such as reducing stresses on students by cutting down the amount of homework, advocating fair competition, caring for students' psychological situations and so on. Beyond this concession, however, I believe that competition for high grades could operate far more positive function in the learning process in many respects. Firstly, competition for high grades, which provides an objective to student's study, could arouse enthusi...
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