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As we know in our present educational system a

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Unformatted text preview: asm of study rather than reduce it. As we know, in our present educational system, a student who gains high grades is usually marked more intelligent; consequently, they would gain scholarship, praise from teachers and admiration from peers. All of these stimulate one an ambition of getting good marks by means of studying hard. It would be more beneficial for intellect development in that one could study more effectively, arrange time more rationally and prepare for exam more carefully. In addition, only can competition help a student to find his or her own deficiencies both in intelligence and in character, and finally to overcome them. Secondly, compared with the past, competition is becoming increasingly fierce/intense in job market and people are being subjected to more and more pressure in their work. Therefore, studying under pressure of competition for achieving high grades, which help to discipline student to win, would be a good step before entering the society full of competition. Meanwhile, student with highly competitive sense could also bring energy and creativity to our society, for competition would arouse thinking sparks between competitors. In the final analysis, competition for high grades would amount to a double-edged sword. The optimal approach, in my view, is a balanced one that control study competition in an appropriate and fair atmosphere where students could grow happy, healthy and full....
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