Issue 55

Issue 55

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Unformatted text preview: 573 words X>j competition for high grades AX ' issue1007 ( A X ' intelligent development, ) y 3 7n@ @ 0@ E A X' genuine @> I Does competition for high grades seriously limit the quality of learning at all levels of education? The speaker claims so, however, I concede that competition among students for high grades would exert psychological pressure and to some extent impede the learning process. However, in my view, competition for high marks are far more beneficial than harmful not just to students but to entire society in the long term. Admittedly, an examination would exert some negative impacts on students especially when they are not psychological mature enough to bear fear of failure, tire of preparing exam and so forth. The result of these would not only deprive children's happy time, but also undermine their physical and mental health, such as the lack of sleeping, short sight and other diseases due to the huge stress as well as a short of exercises . At the same time, a certain number of students are always in a selfcontained island of good scores and scholarships, and feel more com...
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