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Issue 108 - a tion 3s 9 d 9 9 TV can also contribute to the...

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Issue 108: In many countries it is now possible to turn on the television and view government at work. Watching these proceedings can help people understand the issues that affect their lives. The more kinds of government proceedings—trials, debates, meetings, etc—that are televised, the more society will benefit. 9 , in some sense, it can be marked as a milestone of democracy. 1s channel to learn the operation of government.(s ) 2s Live broadcast and field television video recording of the proceeding s of government helps the general public to supervise their representatives, forcing public to fulfill their responsibilities and promise. To perform their function and power in a rational scope. To some extent, it reduce power abuse in a great deal and prevent many unexpected operation such as black box operation, corruption, graft, bribe as well as defalc
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Unformatted text preview: a tion 3s 9 d 9 9 TV can also contribute to the public participant in government decision and social reform, to establish a convenient platform to the participant of public. s : u t h V 9 inaugural 9 function and achievement including TV enable people to know 9 in 1998 s Chinese unprecedented special flood of the ChangJiang river lead to tremendous loss of a large number of peoples properties and lives who lived near the river. It is the TV enable the households through out the country to know timely and effectively how the government to take measure before this extraordinary catastrophe . Seeing the some leaders to direct this unusual battle by themselves at the locale, we are touched from our deep heart....
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