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Issue 142 - creates the Special Theory of Relativity, which...

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Issue 142: The well-being of a society is enhanced when many of its people question authority. s : democracy, efficient, responsible, honest uL uL u L v show no respect , the authority may face the danger of disintegration. s : As we all know, when Einstein put forward his excellent Relativity Theory, there are so few people that can understand, and most object it, for it challenge the authority of classical physics. Nevertheless, no one can weaken the status of Einstein in physics. Einstein, a patent examiner working on physics on his own s
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Unformatted text preview: creates the Special Theory of Relativity, which challenge the authority of classical physics---Newton law Let us look no further than the Copernicus who posed the heliocentric theory in the 16th century. He got an unprecedented attack and finally burned into death as a heresy. Copernicus challenged the long-lasting assumption by publicizing his heliocentric conjecture, which was proved by evidence in latter era...
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