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RITUAL ANALYSIS GUIDE 2008 Due: 25 April Length: 1750-2250 words (ca. 7-9 pages) The ritual analysis for the course project or for extra credit should analyze a worship celebration in a tradition other than the author's own. When doing so, look for ways in which the religious group's worldview and key myths are acted out in the community's ethos. Examine the ritual in terms of message, action, and context , as discussed in class. Examine what problem(s) do(es) the ritual solve? How is it rooted in the experience of the community performing it? What social and doctrinal boundaries are marked out, and what evil is denounced? How are social structures reinforced by the ritual? Note how the ritual addresses the major themes of the course. If possible, analyze the effects of the participants' social status, ethnicity, gender, etc., on the content and form of the ritual. The assignment will be evaluated on the basis of the quality of the description of the ritual (the tradition, what was done, who participated, the setting and its symbolic props, etc.) and the analysis of it (discussion of its sociological significance, identification of the problem the ritual addresses, the beliefs, institutions, ethical implications, etc. embedded in the ritual). Some arrangements will be made for members of the class to attend a religious ritual together, if
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RitualAnalysisGuide08 - RITUAL ANALYSIS GUIDE 2008 Due: 25...

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