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StudentRecommendationForm - No Opinion Motivation depth of...

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Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee Letter of Recommendation S TUDENT N OMINEE I NFORMATION : Name: ________________________________ Date:___________________ Phone number:_________________ e-mail: ___________________________________ R EFERENCE I NFORMATION : Name: _____________________________________________ Position/Department: ______________________________________________________ Signature: _______________________________________________________________ 1. Rating Scale: Superior Good Average Poor
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Unformatted text preview: No Opinion Motivation, depth of commitment to goals Judgement, problem solving ability Reliability, responsibility Maturity Interpersonal skills 2. How well and in what capacity do you know the student? 3. Overall recommendation: Strongly Recommend Recommend as Satisfactory Not Recommended 4. Additional Comments: (please keep comments brief) Please mail completed form to the STFAC Secretary (Cindy Bowen) at CBX 050 or via email to [email protected]
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