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Unformatted text preview: Resource Sheet 1 Answer Key Page 1 of 2 Colonial Crafts and Trades Resource Sheet 1 Page 2 of 2 Name: __________________________________________ Date: ________________________ Specialized Worker and Products miller Colonial Crafts and Used to List Three Capital Resources Trades Produce the Product gristmill millstones hopper runner stone sieve bedder stone water wheel pulley sacks Circle the Essential Natural Resources large stones corn iron wheat water and trees iron animal skins (leather) flax for thread trees (wooden pegs) boar's bristle iron corn animal skins (leather) water and trees silkworms (silk) birds (feathers) sheep (wool) corn flax (linen material) flour cobbler (shoemaker) makes and repairs shoes cooper bench awl flax thread coated with pine tar knife boar bristle needle tacks chamfer knife curved froe planes broadaxes small stove needles thread fabric scissors pails and buckets, kegs tubs, and barrels milliner shopkeeper that sold hats, clothing, fabric, dolls, jewelry, etc. printer almanacs, newsletters, and papers Specialized Worker and Products printing press composing stick wooden case to store type metal type wooden type linseed oil trees animal skins (leather) water iron List Three Capital Resources Used to Produce the Product Circle the Essential Natural Resources Resource Sheet 1 Page 2 of 2 Name: __________________________________________ Date: ________________________ sledgehammer silversmith stake sand panishing hammer silver and gold metals sand molds jeweler's saw limestone (tripoli) pumice volcanic ash (pumice) jeweler's rouge spoons, plates, cups, pots tripoli water wheelwright lathe tapered reamer chisel heavy hammer hoops of iron tires water iron trees animal skins clay blockhead tressing frame nails clay rods to curl the hair scissors needles thread forge bellows anvil hammers water tubs straw cotton animal hair silk clay coal iron animal skins water trees spinning wheels, wagons, and carts wigmaker wigs, hairpieces, and curls blacksmith horseshoes, nails, hooks, hoes, rakes, cowbells, knives, iron tire hoops, and axes ...
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