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CSE231 f06 syllabus

CSE231 f06 syllabus - CSE 231 Advanced Compilers CSE 231...

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CSE 231: Advanced Compilers CSE 231: Advanced Compilers Fall Quarter, 2006 General information Meeting times and location: T-Th 5:00-6:20, location: WLH 2207 Instructor: Sorin Lerner (email: lerner at cs, Office hours: by appointment, email me) Textbook: none (we will instead use selected papers from the literature) Course syllabus and course topics Class mailing list: cse231 "at" cs.ucsd.edu to subscribe send email to cse231-request "at" cs.ucsd.edu with the command "subscribe" in the body. Course project Information about the project is available here Schedule (ever evolving) Using MS PowerPoint to view the slides will give you the best experience. If you don't have MS PowerPoint, Open Office works too, except that in some versions of Open Office, the digital ink doesn't display correctly. You can also use Acrobat Reader to view the slides in pdf format. The pdf files display the ink properly, but they are some artifacts here and there, mostly related to animations.
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