Little Women- Critique

Little Women- Critique - Little Women Critique Little Women...

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Little Women Critique
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Little Women, the Broadway Musical, was written by Alan Knee. The producer is the University of Rhode Island. The play was directed by Paula McGlasson and the musical direction by Lila Kane. The choreography was done by Angelica Vessella and the scenic design by Cheryl deWardener. The costume design was done by David T. Howard and the lighting design done by Christian Wittwer. Lastly, the sound design was done by Michael Martineau. I really thought this play was done well, the cast and crew seemed to be on top of what they were doing and delivered the play exceptionally. The play was about the girls growing up together and overcoming all of life’s obstacles. The story begins with one of the sisters, Jo, in New York City and she is showing he writing piece to a professor she really looks up to. After that, she returns home and that’s when the play begins. In the next scene we are introduced to Jo’s three sisters Beth, Meg and Amy. I first noticed that the sisters are much like real-life sisters because they fight about stupid little things, and worry about what girls that age worry
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Little Women- Critique - Little Women Critique Little Women...

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