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Chapter 02 - Systematic Processing –(conscious you have...

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Chapter 02 Social Cognition – how we process, store, analyze, remember and retrieve info that comes from the social world Attention, Encoding, Retrieval Assimilation – fit into existing knowledge unit Accomodation – create or modify existing schemas Perseverance Effect – hold on to beliefs despite contradictory info Self fulfilling prophecy – my thought processes lead to the outcome Info overload – filtering out info in order not to feel overwhelmed Heuristics – mental shortcuts Representative Heuristic – if you display thought processes or behaviors that match a particular group, you are probably in that group Availability Heuristic – whatever comes to mind first (there has to be a priming cue) Anchoring and Adjustment Starting point – adjust thought processes Stereotype – judge a person based on behaviors but mostly on observable characteristics Automatic Processing – familiarity / expertise (don’t have to think about it)
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Unformatted text preview: Systematic Processing – (conscious) you have to think about it Counterfactual thinking – think about how it ought to have been Negativity bias – look for faults in situations Optimistic bias – look for positive despite anything contradictory Planning fallacy – plan like we should Thought suppression – try to push out info from conscious Rebound effect – more we try not to think about it, we think about it more Reactance – engage in behavior we have been trying to suppress Magical thinking – thinking that it is out of the realm of reality Law of contagion, similarity, and logic Mood dependent memory – moods can be aided / impaired by a person’s internal state Mood congruence memory – if in a negative state, I process info negatively (and vice versa)...
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