Chapter 02 - Systematic Processing (conscious) you have to...

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Chapter 02 Social Cognition – how we process, store, analyze, remember and retrieve info that comes from the social world Attention, Encoding, Retrieval Assimilation – fit into existing knowledge unit Accomodation – create or modify existing schemas Perseverance Effect – hold on to beliefs despite contradictory info Self fulfilling prophecy – my thought processes lead to the outcome Info overload – filtering out info in order not to feel overwhelmed Heuristics – mental shortcuts Representative Heuristic – if you display thought processes or behaviors that match a particular group, you are probably in that group Availability Heuristic – whatever comes to mind first (there has to be a priming cue) Anchoring and Adjustment Starting point – adjust thought processes Stereotype – judge a person based on behaviors but mostly on observable characteristics Automatic Processing – familiarity / expertise (don’t have to think about it)
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Unformatted text preview: Systematic Processing (conscious) you have to think about it Counterfactual thinking think about how it ought to have been Negativity bias look for faults in situations Optimistic bias look for positive despite anything contradictory Planning fallacy plan like we should Thought suppression try to push out info from conscious Rebound effect more we try not to think about it, we think about it more Reactance engage in behavior we have been trying to suppress Magical thinking thinking that it is out of the realm of reality Law of contagion, similarity, and logic Mood dependent memory moods can be aided / impaired by a persons internal state Mood congruence memory if in a negative state, I process info negatively (and vice versa)...
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