Chapter 06 - Tokenism – individual is hired based on...

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Chapter 06 Stereotype : attributions about others mostly centered on their outward appearance Help with our own social identity (schema) Stereo subtyping Prejudism – attitude Discrimination – action behind the attitude Gender stereotyping – negative or positive Sexism – my gender is better than yours Hostile sexism – males fear their position will be threatened Social creativity – women “recognize me as a strong woman” Glass Ceiling – women aren’t typically going to move up high in management in the workforce “capped” Glass Escalator – males move up faster in female dominate positions and vice versa
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Unformatted text preview: Tokenism – individual is hired based on social membership Within group comparisons – compare token individual to a group in which we think they belong Can be subjective or objective information In-group homogeneity – individuals who belong within the same group will be alike In-group differentiation – individuals who belong to same group are not alike because we are all different Out-group homogeneity – individuals within an out-group are all alike Ultimate Attribution Error – my group has better attributes than yours Social identity self esteem...
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