Chapter 11 - Three Factors: Affects prominent emotion...

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Media More violence – more desensitized Same for violent pornography Chapter 11 Aggression – negative acts towards another Intended to harm Direct: (males) hitting someone / verbal attacks Indirect: (females) spread rumors / key cars Where – Biological – Thantoes (death instincts) Aggressively; destructive “fighting instinct” Frustration / aggression hypothesis Frustration – goals / endeavors have been thwarted …become aggressive (link) Social Learning Theory on Aggression Learn to be aggressive by watching others What aggressive behaviors are appropriate 1. Target 2. Revenge (best ways) 3. Different types of harm to others Hostile aggression bias – assume aggression will occur from someone else Be aggressive towards them first General Aggression Model Aggression – environmental reasons, personality traits Type A – hostile, competitive Type B – laid back, passive
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Unformatted text preview: Three Factors: Affects prominent emotion Arousal physiological response (emotion) Cognition did hostility / harm come to mind? Types of Anger 1. Passivity and outbursts 2. Anger justifies itself 3. Perceived catharsis (release frustrations) Theories of Emotions James Lange Facial feedback hypothesis (look in mirror) Cannon Bard Total emotional experience (every emotion activated) Schachter / Singer Weigh emotions how to respond Transferred excitation put our emotions into an independent source Lazarus Cognitive Appraisal Emotions subjective well being Hostile Attribution Bias Behaviors are odd, different, or confusing Assume there is going to be hostile tendency Bullying Power Low self-esteem Narcissistic Bullied themselves (home environment) Type A Best to FORGIVE & FORGET!...
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Chapter 11 - Three Factors: Affects prominent emotion...

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