Module A - stress produces Problem coping- they solve...

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Social Psychology and the law : “Just world” Bring bias and stereotype to the court room [Their job is to win case] Police Interrogation Adversarial- pressuring the suspect for a guilty plea. Don’t really care if you are guilty or not. Inquisitorial-actually look for the truth Eyewitness testimony Not very accurate, mostly because of police interrogation Confabulate - make something up Jury selection “Authoritarian personality” “Leniency personality” Health Psychology How stress is linked to health and vice versa Acute stress - sudden event Chronic stress - occurred for a long time Stress hormone - cortizal. If cortizal level stays high suppressed immune system (leads to cancer) Alarm stage- when stress hormones start to kick in Resistance stage- levels start to stabilize and decreases Exhaustion stage- physically and mentally shut down Emotion coping- cope with stress by engaging in activities that reduce or counter the negative feelings
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Unformatted text preview: stress produces Problem coping- they solve issues using logic Social support- drawing on the emotional and task resources provided by others as a means of coping with stress. 3 different sources Tangible-Emotional- we want someone to listen to us Informational- people we want to go to for advice Reactive coping- stress is already happening and now we have to deal with it Anticipatory- the stress is coming Preventative- there might be a chance this stress will occur but Im not sure will make provisions if the stress comes. Ex. Teacher who always gives quizzes. You dont know if you have a quiz but you go home and study anyways. Type A personality more likely to be stressed. People with authoritarian attitude more likely to be stressed Perfectionist- likely to be stressed Stress is highly linked to obesity Person considered to be obese if have 30% body fat....
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Module A - stress produces Problem coping- they solve...

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