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American Exceptionalism Paper

American Exceptionalism Paper - An Exceptional American...

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An Exceptional American Dictatorship The United States is one of a kind. From its creation as a nation of loosely bound colon- ies, to the formation of its democratic constitution, to the systemic capitalism that dominates its economy, America has fought to protect its individualism. Having won its fight for distinctive autonomy, The United States has thrived throughout the years, and even become an international force to be reckoned with. It has used its uniqueness, or the idea of American Exceptionalism to justify its leadership in the global spectrum, and rightly so. The American model can serve as a prime example of liberty, equality and productivity for nations seeking fortification of even rein- vention or governmental and economic policies. The problem is, however, that the United States sometimes oversteps international boundaries and not only advocates its value system, but wrongfully imposes it. The United States uses brute militaristic conquests to implement its value system overseas, and instead of heightening favor for the ostensible leader, severely limits its tenability and international credibility. These types of infractions must cease in order to bring about a greater global consensus. American exceptionalism should no longer be viewed as a jus- tification of flagrant imperialism, but instead the uniqueness of the United States must be utilized to enhance leadership in diplomacy to foster global peace and unity. The United States employs coercive tactics in foreign relations, proving its internationally ineffective leadership. Currently, the United States is at odds with Iran due to its refusal to cease its nuclear development program. Not only is the United States economically sanctioning the middle eastern nation, but we are also threatening Iran with the possibility of war. According to a write for the Los Angeles Times, Vice President, Dick Cheney has an inherent “desire to bomb Iranian nuclear sites. ..in hopes of scaring Iran into submission.” (Anonymous 1) It seems that
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the administration cares more about exerting its ultimate power even to the extent of Brinksman- ship than keeping the peace through UN approved economic sanctions. The United States as an international leader, uses the idea of American exceptionalism as a declaration of superiority and takes upon itself the role to militaristically threaten Iran into compliance with international policies. Rather than negotiating issues, the United States bullies smaller nations as a tyrannical entity and undermines Iran’s autonomy as a nation in the global community. This method, however, is proving ineffective at bringing about an Iranian concession. Iran is calling the bluff. It realizes the United States military is spread thin between Iraq and Afghanistan, and it refuses to adhere to the guidelines set by the United States for non-prolifera- tion. While the United States is off fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military is cut short leaving Iran free to act as it wishes, ignoring the United States’ empty threats. The United States
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American Exceptionalism Paper - An Exceptional American...

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