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Film Journal 1

Film Journal 1 - Exploring Culture through Film Film...

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Exploring Culture through Film Film Journal 1-A Rite of Passage A Rite of Passage is a point in a person’s stage of development in which they move from one cultural phase to another. A rite of passage can include a ceremony, doing something representative of an elder group in society, or simply a coming of age.One such rite of passage is the male initiation as observed in the film, A Rite of Passage. In the film, the protagonist Tikay, performs the task of shooting an arrow to kill his first wildebeest. He is not allowed to eat the meat, distribute it, or take part in the ce- remony because the ceremony is for him. He is then marked, or tattooed to represent his new found strength and masculinity in adulthood. These rituals he partakes in rep- resent his rite of passage from juvenility to adulthood. Because Tikay can now kill an animal, he can provide for himself, his family, and his tribe and can thus be considered an apt hunter. He no longer must rely on elder males to bring him food, but he can now
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