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Assignment 1 - Manage quality customer service

Assignment 1 - Manage quality customer service - BSBCUS501...

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BSBCUS501: Assessment 1 Task 1 John’s relationship to customers Customers need for the organisation to realise not all customers are the same, and some customer wants to deal with the same person each time they contact the business Jessica’s relationship to health stores The health store needs ales people to give them the right advice and want to know more about sales point of supplements Jessica’s relationship to Upper management Jessica needs to feel like part of the team as she feels excluded from team leader up she wants management to communicate better with the employees. John: Customers wanting to deal with same individual each time they deal with the business. Understandably the customer would feel much better dealing with the same person but due to John being the supervisor he cannot dedicate his whole day to just responding to customers as he has a team to manage. (100 words) (a) The resource limitation is that of one person doing multiple persons work it would not allow John to provide quality supervision and direction to his team. So if he was to be the only person they dealt with this would not only increase his workload it would have a flow effect to his team. Company would have to look at
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