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Ade Adesida Homework 9 Physics 202 1.Before the information from the king, the hero's chance of survival after picking door I was two out of three, since there were two doors which contained the lady out of three possible doors, which means 2 out of three times, his first choice would lead to survival and one out of three times, it won't. His aggregate chance of survival is 2/3. However, after one of the survival doors is eliminated, his aggregate survival falls solely on his first choice, and there is now a 2/3 chance his first choice is right, while there is still the 1/3 chance his choice is wrong. Therefore, the hero is wrong. There is still a 2 out of 3 chance his choice will lead to survival. He should not be worried. 2.a) Well you can pick any card from the first deck, so that doesn't matter. The problem comes when trying to pick a card from the second deck to match or not match this first card, and since 51 of the 52 cards in the second deck won't match the card from the first deck, the probability of picking two non matching cards is
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