MUS 115 Fall -2007 Clark Exam 1

MUS 115 Fall -2007 Clark Exam 1 - while still in her early...

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Music 115 SBCC Fall 07 Dr. Clark Exam 1B 1. He designed a very famous Gibson guitar and invented multi-tracking or overdubbing techniques in the recording studio. a. Hank Williams b. James Burton c. Scotty Moore d. Les Paul 2. She made the brilliant first recording of Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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Unformatted text preview: while still in her early teens. a. Jo Stafford b. Ethel Merman c. Judy Garland d. Julie London 3. He was one of the great Country & Western songwriters of the 1940’s a. Hank Williams b. Son House c. Buddy Holly d. Skip James 4. Sun Studios was established by a. Sam Philips...
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