Practice Exam _3 (Fall 2007)-1

Practice Exam _3 (Fall 2007)-1 - PSY 205 - Practice Exam #3...

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PSY 205 - Practice Exam #3 – Fall 2007 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question ____ 1. The two major aspects of people that are studied by personality theorists are a. consistency and distinctiveness b. situational shifts and interpersonal similarities c. commonalties and individual differences d. constancy and change ____ 2. People who score low in __________ tend to be suspicious, antagonistic, and aggressive. a. neuroticism b. extraversion c. conscientiousness d. agreeableness ____ 3. Psychoanalytic theory stresses all of the following except a. conscious thought patterns b. childhood experiences c. internal conflicts d. handling of sexual impulses ____ 4. Michael is an executive for a major corporation. He constantly needs to find ways to meet the corporation's goals and objectives while taking into consideration factors such as laws and financial resources. In making these decisions, Michael is acting most like the portion of the personality that Freud referred to as a. the ego b. the superego c. the id d. the preconscious ____ 5. According to the medical model a. all mental illnesses are caused by biological factors b. all mental illnesses can be treated using drugs c. abnormal behavior can be thought of as a disease
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Practice Exam _3 (Fall 2007)-1 - PSY 205 - Practice Exam #3...

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