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Name: ____________________ Section: ____________ BIO 123 Plant Project This lab is a formal write-up. You should include five sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion/Discussion, and References (Each section is outlined below). You are required to use two references from a scientific journal ( NEVER USE A WEB PAGE ). Make sure you site your references properly. Above all, make sure that you do not plagiarize anyone’s work! The breakdown of points is as follows: Introduction 7 Methods 5 Results 5 Figures 5 Discussion 7 References 5 Introduction: General overview. What subject matter are you addressing in the paper. Why is this research important? Why do we care? Your hypotheses, expectations, or questions are stated at the end of an introduction. Methods: What procedure did you use? This should be concise but easy to follow in paragraph form. Do not list materials. You might want to include a picture or two of your experimental setup.
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Unformatted text preview: Results: What were the results of your experiment? You should not draw conclusions here. You should describe your results in paragraph form. Include charts and graphs. Conclusions/Discussion: This is the why section. You should interpret your results and make inferences about them. What did you find out as a result of your experiment? Why are your results important to society, science or your audience? What future research may be done or what further questions do you have? References: Site two references from scientific journals . Make sure they are cited properly in your paper and in your reference section. An example is below: Eby, S. 2005. Fire and Herbivore Interactions in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. African Journal of Ecology 402: 1332-1336....
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