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bio study - Lecture 31: GENETIC ENGINEERING Questions: 1....

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 31: GENETIC ENGINEERING Questions: 1. DNA fingerprinting is used to? 2. Combining DNA from 2 different sources result in? 3. Which of the following local crops will not be genetically engineered in hawaii? 4. Gene guns are used to? 5. Golden rice has been genetically engineered to include? 6. Genetic engineering is? 7. GMO stands for? 8. Antisense DNA or RNA is? Answers: 1. compare DNA patterns; solve crimes and determine paternity 2. recombinant DNA 3. hawaiian taro and papaya 4. shoot gold pellets coated with RNA or DNA into cells; modify plant DNA 5. more vitamin A 6. insertion of genetic material from one organism to another and results in recombinant DNA 7. gentically modified organism 8. DNA or RNA that turns off genes Questions: 1. The European Corn Borer is a major pest of corn, which can be controlled with BT toxin made from: 2. In the 1990s on the Big Island, what lethal disease was destroying a major crop? 3. A University of New Mexico study found that most Americans did not know they had been eating _________ for over five years. 4. What genetically modified corn variety was only supposed to be used for animal feed, but turned up in human foods? 5. BT corn pollen was shown by entomologist John Losey to be lethal to: 6. The corn crop of Mexico grows very poorly because of: 7. The following organization is against the growing of genetically modified crops: 8. The first genetically modified animal to be commercially marketed will probably be: Answers: 1. Genes from BT? ... found at 12 min 45 sec into video 1....
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This note was uploaded on 05/11/2008 for the course BIOL 101 taught by Professor Wong during the Spring '08 term at Hawaii.

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bio study - Lecture 31: GENETIC ENGINEERING Questions: 1....

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