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2.1A: Jumping the Queue & the California Drought In the article "Rich Californians Balk at Limits: 'we're not all equal when it comes to water' ", the California resident, Steve Yuhas, who lives in the wealthy part of Rancho Santa Fe, speaks about wealthy individuals who purchase large, expensive properties in Santa Fe, California. Typically these California residents use water in excess of what they are rationed, to harvest their gardens and continually water their oversized lawns in the midst of a California water shortage. Yuhas argues that, people who have a large piece of territory that should be watered, shouldn't feel guilty for using an excessive amount of water. He is using five times more water per capita than the statewide average but doesn't see why he can't use as much water as he wants if he is paying the steep taxes associated with it. Why buy a 20M mansion and have brown lawns and golf on brown courses? This is not the case for equality; these wealthy individuals feel they should be granted special treatment because they are willing to pay for it. In April, Governor Jerry Brown, headed the initiative cut water usage by 25 percent, as a result, water usage went up by 9 percent in Santa Fe. This issue is just one example of how wealthy individuals use money to get what they want and receive special treatment. In this case California residents fight to get their value for money on properties in Santa Fe; they feel that the law treats them unfairly. Jessica Parks, a spokeswoman for the Santa Fe irrigation district, cautions the residents to use their water smartly, otherwise, they will be subject to high penalties. In extreme cases, the district reserves the right to shut down the tap water all together. Rancho Santa Fe residents are not the only ones who will suffer from water crackdown; farmers will primarily be the ones who will suffer from water restrictions.
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